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On This Day in the Phandom: 5 years ago!

After wanting to make videos for so long, and after some persuasion from Phil, Dan uploads his first Youtube video!

Dan was so surprised to be welcomed by Phil’s fans instantly and within the first fortnight had received Youtube honours! (whatever happened to those things)


And he now has a fanbase of over 4 million. It’s so crazy how far this has come and what opportunities this has brought.

Excuse me I’m just going to rock in the corner for the rest of the night


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tumblr so good today wtf

Yeah wtf

🎉 It’s cause it’s my birthday 🎉

—First Recording of Human Voice



On 9th March 2008, historians have found what they believe is the first recording of a human voice. Predating Thomas Edison’s first phonograph recording of 1877. The “phonautograph”, created by etching soot-covered paper by Parisian inventor Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville, was played by US scientists using a “virtual stylus” to read the lines. The recording was initially believed to be the voice of a woman or adolescent, but further research in 2009 suggested the playback speed had been too high and that it was actually the voice of Scott himself. This is the original recording.

i spit out my milkshake

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Hi friends! So even if it’s October everyone’s in the Christmas spirit! So I was thinking of organizing a Troyler Secret Santa Program! Here’s how it works:

Just reblog this post (no likes please!) and I’ll send you message telling you who you’re giving your gift to. Then starting on December 1st…

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